Projects & Products 


Our mission is to provide our customers with products and systems of the highest quality.


Our products are extremely reliable and affordable, have an incredibly low size and weight, as well as being incorporated with innovative features with the use of up-to-date, latest generation, analog and digital technologies.


NEWS - VicSystemRSM  invents





The innovative underwater connector without metal contacts




Mini eXplorer HD4K

Mini eXplorer HD4K-Military

Mini eXplorer HD Plus

Mini eXplorer Deluxe

Available versions: PLUS - A - V - M (Military)

Sub Minicam HD 1080p

Sub Minicam HD - 4K

Sub Minicam Set - Analog

Available version:  Cylindrical Shape Black or White


Special features:

  • Camera and light in one single body connected by a 4 pins underwater connector
  • Internal anti-fog system in the presence of strong temperature fluctuations
  • It uses our exclusive patent " Self Sealing System" for the use of the underwater pressure for a greater sealing of the container
  • Automatic digital video processor embedded for the best viewing in the darkness
  • High resolution CCD
  • Resistance to the corrosion caused by acid



Long life comm audio sets

Available versions:    


Kirby Morgan Series

Aga Fullface Masks

Hard Helmets any brand 

Special features:

  • Allows the replacement of the single capsule inside both for microphone and speaker in case of failure
  • Are fully sealed and they can stay underwater without damages
  • The containers are made of plastic materials and can be inspected
  • The microphone is very performant


Customized equipment on demand



VicSystem RSM designs and manufactures customized  Full HD video panels and communication devices on demand as well as equipment for any special need.


They can be used in different environments, underwater or in surface,  by using up to 6 operators.

All equipment have specific certifications and they can be made water proof and/or explosion proof.


They are made as portable units or as panels for fixed installations, integrating the network functions for the broadcasting live of audio/video to a remote supervisor via internet or wi-fi

If any specific needs contact us